Sunday, February 22, 2015

Item #1, Index to Home page


Prairie Hills Audubon Society (PHAS) is run by volunteers. This page you are on - the home page, is up to date.
 Most of the other pages on this web site have not been changed in years, because we need new volunteer(s), with web design skills, to help run the web site.  

This "home page" is managed like a blog, - items are added and deleted to this page to keep it timely. The Blog software misbehaves sometimes and alters the font type or font size or adds space breaks  and sometimes it just refuses to be fixed...sorry. I just don't understand it, I think I need to learn HTML editing skills.
As it was printed, in April 2017 - this "Home page" is about 40 "letter size" pages of text.
Scroll down immediately below for an index of how this "blog" is ordered..  
 Older excerpts of the blog,  from 2015, 2014 and 2013 are found on "older posts",  which is a button on the lower right.

Home page: 2020 Deadlines and Events and also alerts, issue/project and current events discussions

Members can belong to only Prairie Hills Audubon Society or they can join both Prairie Hills Audubon Society and the National Audubon Society
To join Prairie Hills Audubon Society & the National Audubon Society 
on-line at the same time go to
Our chapter code is V02, the 0 is a zero.  If folks join the NAS directly without using this chapter link, If you live in our territory (much of western SD) you will belong to our chapter, but we get no financial credit for the new membership dues.
Chapter only memberships are also available, for which you must mail checks to Prairie Hills Audubon Society, P.O. Box 788, Black Hawk, SD 57718.
Basic membership is $20, low-iincome is $10, scholarships are available in exchange for volunteer work,
 with approval of Board.


1. Events & Deadlines & Alerts in March 2020 & forward into 2020

1.) Prairie Hills Audubon Society (PHAS) - the organization's events 
2) iterative events,- local environmental/conservation group's monthly meeting list 
              (iterative events - events which reoccur each month at same day/time) 
3.) Federal law and rule making -  links  to Recovering America’s Wildlife Act - a federal wildlife funding bill. Attacks on Endangered species Act - Excerpts New York Times article on roll back of environmental regulations by Trump administration    (95 roll backs), and
4.)  Updates on PHAS's greater Sage grouse litigation,  Links. 
5.)  Then specific events in chronological order, - Among the many events -     .Black Hills National Forest over cutting Trees  (late May) & SD's river otter (mid June & July), Nebraska cougar hunting season  (mid June) sections  are here. Nest Predator Bounty Program section (July) this is another long section.  Event notices may include alerts on subject matter that is still relevant/active & thus event/deadline notice may be left up even after the original event/deadline date, This section is arranged in chronological order.

6) . then it goes to old alerts 
Old Alert Topics 
A) SD Mountain Lion Plan Revision Alert 
B) Mineral Mountain Resources Exploration project
C) Pennington County - Croell Sand/Gravel Mine Issue
D) Non-meandered waters Alert
E) Alert on Resilient Landscape DEIS (Forest Service)
F) announcement of Petitions to list or de-list under ESA and :
G)  S3254/SB 114 (Land Trade Little Spearfish Canyon & Bismark Lake) & 
H).  SD Important Bird Areas
I)  Missouri River Recovery
J) to Sage Grouse Litigation filed by PHAS and others in February  2016
K) then goes to - suspended campaigns discussions, 
for which comment deadlines have past, but related issues persist


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