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Item # 2, Events/Deadlines

1. Events & Deadlines in June & July
  a chronological list of environmental events. 
This list begins with 
 1.) monthly group meeting list (iterative events) , 
 2.) then specific events starting in April (chronological),
3.) then goes to an announcement of Sage Grouse Litigation filed by PHAS and others in February 
4) Suspended campaigns list

2. Links to web sites that continuously display documents or hearing notices
We shelter e-mail addresses by replacing @ with (at) 

For legislative section scroll down: 


Early Part of the Month Enviro Group Meets:
Various environmental groups meet in first weeks of the month on a fixed/repeating day of month.

The Black Hills Sportsmen have lunch meeting (start 11:45 am) the first Tuesday,  Rapid City, Adoba Eco hotel
(now Rushmore Hotel) for info: Eric Porisch <ericporisch(at)>, 
The July July 5th, at noon. -  speaker Corissa Krueger of the Nature Conservancy. 

Rapid City Izaak Walton may meet in the eve (6:30 pm) of the first Wednesday, Rapid City, normally at
 Outdoor Campus West (OCW)
for info: Mark Boddicker <boddicker (at)>
no regular membership meeting  likely for July-August , next membership meeting likely September 7th

Northern Hills Bird Club meets the first Thursday eve (7 pm) , Sturgis Library - except  in June-August.
 - they also generally have 2 field trips each month on Saturdays. 
The Northern Hills Bird Club will meet on Thursday, July, 7th 2016 ,at the home of George and Erma Opitz at 19986 St. Onge Road, Spearfish, SD.  This will be a potluck social to begin at 6:00 p.m. 
for info: Nancy Drilling, President - nancy.drilling (at)

The Rapid City Sustainability Committee meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the City/School Administration Building at 5:30 it is open to the public and they focus on sustainable practices for the City.
For info: Erik Heikes:  EHeikes (at) 

Dakota Rural Action normally meets second Tuesday eve, mixed locations,
for info: Gena Parkhurst <gmp66 (at)>
* July 12th 6pm Chapter potluck meeting at the Rapid City Library, 610 Quincy Street. Program:  Local Foods: Julie Smoragiewicz
Don & Kim's phone:   605-578-3857

The Darton Society  meets the second Wednesday of each month from September through May in the Adelstein Gallery at The Journey Museum. Happy hour is from 6:00 to 6:30.  The potluck dinner begins at 6:30. There is a very short meeting at 7:00 followed by a program. 
For info: Cathie or LeRoy Draine at 787-5956 or cathiedraine (at)

The Black Hills Photography Club meets the second Tuesday of the month at Outdoor Campus West.
Some times, the meetings are about photography of outdoor's subjects 
and photography field trips to photograph outdoors may also be planned. June 14th next meeting

Norbeck Society normally meets second Thursday eve, Rapid City, 
SDSMT, Faculty Lounge 5:45 pm
for info: Bob Burns < (at)>

SD Chapter of Citizen's Climate Lobby meets the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:30 at 1888 Hillsview Dr. in Rapid City   For info: Mary Deibert,  rmdeibert (at), 605-484-5790.

Clean Water Alliance normally meets the second Saturday 
  at 9:00 am in the Helen Hoyt Room at the Rapid City Public Library. 
for info: nobhuranium (at)

Prairie Hills Audubon Meets occur as announced, but normally occur towards end of month-
i.e: in the second half of month. Board meetings are by conference call and members welcome.



June 18, 

Black Hills National Forest Moon Walk
Join the Forest for a walk in the northern Black Hills with a local professor of ethnobotany and learn some of the uses of native plant species. 

June 18th
North Cave Hills Prayer Gathering
 To pray to keep Uranium and other Earth substances in the ground
 June 18, 2016 – 10:00 AM (MDST) 
Meet at Ludlow, north of Buffalo, SD, on SD Highway 85 Caravan on Tufte Road, left on Riley Pass Road, park at Forest Service sign. Walk about one-fourth mile to sacred site east of Riley Pass Abandoned Uranium Mine.
 (Please, no children or young people due to high radioactivity in the area)
 For more info: Defenders of the Black Hills  -  He Sapa O’nakijin- bhdefenders (at) 

June 20th-26th, 2016
National Pollinator Week


Friday June 24th
Most effective if sent by then by June 24th, but comments can be sent till July 14th
Comments due on the North Dakota Mountain Lion Management

Director Terry Steinwand, North Dakota Game and Fish Department ,100 N. Bismarck Expressway,
 Bismarck, ND 58501-5095
Send letters c/o Stephanie Tucker,
Game Management Section Leader and Furbearer Biologist
Stephanie Tucker  <satucker (at)>, 701-220-1871

LINKS on ND & Tribal government 

You Tube video on ND Cougars

North Dakota Game and Fish, in partnership with South Dakota State University, has completed their first part of two --  three-year long studies of the mountain lion populations in their state. The results of the study indicate that the population is vulnerable, with a declining average age and a low survival rate. 

Mountain Lion Foundation's letter asking for a temporary moratorium on sport hunting due to low cougar population numbers:, 

 To read Cougar Fund's comment letter visit below link. The Cougar Fund puts forward positive solutions, 
such as creating and implementing a Mountain Lion Management Plan and emphasizing proactive conflict prevention like the use of livestock guardian dogs.

We suggest folks write & support MLF's request for a temporary moratorium on cougar hunting in the state.
PHAS is also concerned about Turtle Mountain of North Dakota & Manitoba as a new site for mountain lion recovery.  While lions are protected on the Manitoba side, in ND lions are in the unlimited kill area, with no quota.  We suggest designation of the ND portion of Turtle Mountain, with the exception of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa  Reservation, as a refuge for lions.


June 22nd, Wednesday

Hearing on electronic sign for Buffalo Chip, Meade County Commission
The public hearing will be held June 22nd at 1:00 p.m.  Buffalo Chip is asking for a larger and taller sign than allowed by the ordinance (520 vs 240 square feet area, 50 ft vs. 25 ft)  and they don't want to have to plat a billboard lot.
Meade County Commission (MCC) address, 1300 Sherman Street, Suite 212, Sturgis, SD 57785 - send e-mail for MCC to  their staff:
Jerry Derr <jderr (at)>, 605.720.1625
News article:
Meade County has a sign ordinance, see "sign definitions" & "billboard lot":

GLENCOE - June 22nd, Meade County Commission

Also hearing on transfer of Glencoe Management LLC's 2  on-sale liquor &  malt beverage licenses to a new LLC owner & also malt beverage license renewal. (The LLC leases the alcohol sales facility & does not own facility). Glencoe is a camp/entertainment venue near Bear Butte Creek & Bear Butte State Park.
The public hearing will be held June 22nd at 1:00 p.m.
Local government can deny  an alcohol license based on facility location & applicant's character.
 Here is info on transfer:

Documents on SOS about Glencoe Management LLC - created in November 2014

Documents on SOS web page about Glencoe CampResort II LLC - created in 2009 

Documents on SOS web page about Glencoe Entertainment (historic holder of alcohol licenses)

Article about Glencoe's  Illegal Dam - (Glencoe CampResort II LLC - is a different LLC from Glencoe Management LLC)
Both the above hearings are relevant to protection of Bear Butte from inappropriate development
July 13  1:00 p.m.
Meade County Commission hearing  to consider make the entire length of Ft. Meade Way (new by-pass road to I-90)
a designated beautification area. Meade's sign/billboard ordinance # 24 at section 3.05 allows Meade to designate a road as such, and if they do - no new signs/billboards.
Meade County Commission address, 1300 Sherman Street, Suite 212, Sturgis, SD 57785 - send e-mail for MCC to  their staff:
Jerry Derr <jderr (at)>, 605.720.1625
Roads so designated$file/Designated%20Beautification%20Road%20Areas%20Map.pdf
Sign Ordinance$file/Ordinance_24_PlacementOfSignsAndBillboards.pdf


June 23rd, Thursday
Scenic Rapid City  is holding a meeting at Black Hills Bagels Thursday at 3pm. Meeting includes annual meeting and election of new officers. Contact debra (at) for info.

 July 18-22
 Fun day camp: "Sustainable You" for kids age 9-12! 
Rapid City Landfield's Education Center
Beth-Anne - 605-939-8286, beth-anne.ferley (at)

July 29 @ 4:00 pm – July 30 @ 5:00 pm
Slim Buttes Field Overnight Field Trip @ Slim Buttes in Custer National Forest
Black Hills Photography Club
Come camp with Black Hills Photography Club (BHPC) at Slim Buttes! BHPC will do some landscape photos Friday night, maybe some night photography depending on the weather & how dry the grass is. Saturday morning BHPC will head out to explore the Cave Hills around Buffalo SD. Contact leader Colton Erk for more information.

Maybe the later half of July,
PHAS hopes to have a meeting on the American Burying Beetle,
with Dan Snethen as speaker
Exact date and location is not yet determined

August 16th, 2016
100 Year Anniversary, Convention USA & Great Britain for Protection of Migratory Birds
The Migratory Bird Treaty or Convention is an environmental treaty between Canada and the United States.
It was originally signed on 16 August 1916 by the U.S. and the United Kingdom (representing Canada),
entered into force in on 6th of  December 1916, and has since been amended several times.


Gravel Pit North of Bear Butte - gravel intended for use on County road(s).

June 2-3

Announce litigation


Thursday February 25th
Complaint filed about greater sage grouse
PHAS major campaign announcement

On 2/25/16 Prairie Hills Audubon Society joined 3 other environmental groups (WildEarth Guardians, Western Watershed Projects, Center for Biological Diversity) in filing litigation to protect greater sage grouse. 
The  lawsuit is about more than a dozen greater sage-grouse plans produced by federal agencies, plans that fail to adequately protect this iconic western bird from a series of threats, including fossil fuel development, grazing and mining. The plans cover about 70 million acres of public lands in 10 states, administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service. The suit doesn’t seek to eliminate the plans but to strengthen them with science-based protections recommended by the government’s own scientists.
To understand more details follow link to the press release below.
The case is Western Watersheds Project et al. v. Schneider et al., case number 1:16-cv-00083-EJL,
 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho.
We will also have a meeting about this in Rapid City,  on March 29th, 
scroll down to March specific events

USFWS photo

Press Release 2/25/16:

News Articles:

Link to Complaint. 

Link to Litigant's Protests of Agencies' Decisions (earlier step) :

Link to WWP et al. protests (an earlier step)

Link to WEG et al. protests (an earlier step)

Other References for NGOs

Link to Defenders of Wildlife's review of Draft Environmental Impact Statements on
BLM's & FS's grouse management plans

Link to "Evaluating Sage Grouse Conservation Efforts", WildEarth Guardians, August 2015

Link to "The Shrinking Geography of Sage Grouse Conservation", WildEarth Guardians, July 2015,

Related BLM & USFWS Federal Reports

Final EISs on BLM & FS Management Planning for Sage Grouse

A Report on National Greater Sage‐Grouse Conservation Measures, Sage-grouse National Technical Team, Dec. 2011
Greater Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus), Conservation Objectives: Final Report, February 2013 

NAS's Opposing View
 National Audubon Society's (NAS) opinion - NAS supports Federal Agencies' Decisions on grouse RMPs.


Delayed/suspended Campaigns

June 3rd
Deadline for sending in comments to Wyoming Game and Fish
on cougar hunting in Wyoming
Wyoming  triennial review/revision of their Wyoming cougar hunting regulations

photo by Bruce Tuten

Now is the time to act for Wyoming mountain lions! Every 3 years, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department 
suggests changes to it's mountain lion hunting regulations, and NOW is that time.  You can send in comments on Wyoming Game and Fish on cougar hunting regulations, or attend a hearing in Pinedale in July.
Below is a link to a way to comment on-line 
Public comment due at 5:00 p.m. Friday, June 3, 2016.
Existing regulations (see map of areas, second link) 

             Latest version  (May 9th, 2016) of proposed changes to regulation.

The May version of the proposed rule change supersedes & improves an earlier circa April 4th, 2016  version.   Wyoming Game & Fish reduced "limits' on harvest  in 5 out of the 33 hunting areas between April & May.  We believe the May version replaces the April version which  is out-of-date   
General Link:

Meetings specific to cougars are past, but this shows locations (last meet - May 24th)

Comment to:
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
,  ATTN:  Regulations, 3030 Energy Lane,  Casper WY 82604
There is a way to comment on-line (by 5 pm June 3rd),

All written comments will be presented to the Wyoming G&F Commission for consideration prior to
the July 7-8, 2016 meeting in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Suggested comments below, with background in italics: 

~ We suggest folks object to Wyoming's past and planned future management  goals for cougar population in the Wyoming Black Hills. Their goal is to manage as a "sink". Please request the harvest "limits"be reduced and it be managed as "stable" or "source" populationWe suggest you object to "unlimited harvest" in the area to immediate west of Black Hills (Area 24).

A sink population keeps lion populations lower than the area could support, so lions will likely be drawn into the area to fill vacant habitat.  A source population exports lions. Wyoming does not attempt to count lions in it's areas. When SD counts/estimates lion populations it assumes migration equals immigration, which is a questionable assumption, given the aggressive "sink"management 
on the Wyoming side of the Hills.

4 years ago, in response to local public pressure Wyoming, reshaped harvest areas and increased harvest "limits" in Wyoming Black Hills Area (Areas 1, 30 & 32). The cumulative "limit" in Wyoming Black Hills is 61 lions, hounds are allowed and the season is 7 months long. To the immediate west of the Black Hills is Wyoming's Area 24, in which unlimited harvest is allowed for 9 months, with hound hunting allowed. In 2015-16, hunters in Wyoming failed to meet quota in areas 30 and 32 - so they harvested 54 out of  the cumulative 61 Black Hills lions allowed.  Wyoming allows out-of-state cougar hunters. SD does not. Some Wyoming hunters are upset because out-of-state hunters beat them to a limited supply of cougars.  In the 2011-2012 season Wyoming Black Hills harvest was 41 lions, and in 2012-2013 harvest was 61 in the Black Hills area - the first year of the aggressive sink management and larger harvest. An estimated two fifths of Black Hills/Bear Lodge pine habitat in Wyoming.  

SD's cougar harvest "cap" in Black Hills in 2015-2016 is 60, with a much shorter 3 month hunting season & very little hound hunting allowed.  In 2015-2016 SD hunters harvested 41 out of 60 cougars possible/allowed.  SD's lion population numbers, shorter season & restriction on hound hunting likely limits the harvest - before hunters can approach the "cap".  In 2011-2012 SD hunters harvested 73 lions. In 2012-2013 SD  hunters harvested 61 and in 2013-14 harvested 53 and 2014-2015 they harvested 43.
To the east of the Black Hills in SD (the rest of SD in GFP jurisdiction) is a 365 day season, with no limits & hounds allowed.

~ Thank Wyoming Game & Fish for their plan to switch the word "kittens" to "dependent young" which includes those traveling with mom and/or other kittens -- hunters can't kill dependent young.
~  And also thanks for new provision for checking to see if "harvested" females were lactating.

~ Thank Wyoming for downward movement of harvest levels in some areas:
Wyoming Game & Fish recommends downward movement of harvest ""limits" in 5 out of  the 33 hunting areas for cumulative reduction of 11 fewer lions killed per year. Reductions in  area 2 (in Teton County) , area 3 (in Sublette County) , area 6 (SW of Douglas), areas 12  ( in Sweetwater County), and area 20 (west of Worland). It merged Area 33 into area 11 & redefined boundaries of areas 19, & 20 in NW Wyoming..

Visit Cougar Fund's Facebook page for their alert to see their recommendations for cougar hunting goals in various areas of Wyoming ~ Cougar Fund thanks Wyoming for reductions but request additional reductions in some areas (Areas south of Yellowstone Park - areas 2, 18, 26,  29  & also Black Hills Areas):.
Or visit Panthera Puma Program for their recommendations for cougar hunting goals in other areas of Wyoming - they also recommend additional 
reductions of harvest area 2 & 29.

Or visit Klandagi -Cougar Rewildlng Facebook page for other insights

May 16th
American Burying Beetle Status Review, 90 Day Finding, comment deadline

American Burying Beetle Photo - Lindsay Vivian,
On August 18, 2015, the Service received a petition from the American Stewards of Liberty, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Dr. Steven W. Carothers to delist the American burying beetle (which is currently protected under the Endangered Species Act & can be found in SD). Some of the issues raised in the petition are items that are currently being evaluated through the Service’s species status assessment, including uncertainty surrounding the population trends, distribution, and threats impacting the species. 
         In response to the petition, the Service is publishing a substantial 90-day finding, which is the first step in determining whether or not the American burying beetle should be delisted. A substantial 90-day finding by the Service means that we will take a closer look at the status of the species and the effectiveness of existing conservation efforts through what is known as a 12-month finding. 
         The Service is requesting additional scientific and commercial data on the American burying beetle. We will accept public comments on the 90-day finding until May 16, 2016. Comments may be submitted by one of the following methods:
Electronically: Go to the Federal eRulemaking Portal: the Search box, enter FWS–R2–ES–2016–0011, which is the docket number for this rulemaking. You may submit a comment by clicking on “Comment Now!”
By hard copy: Submit by U.S. mail or hand-delivery to:  Public Comments Processing, Attn: FWS–R2–ES–2016–0011; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, MS: BPHC, 5275 Leesburg Pike; Falls Church, VA 22041–3803.

Deadline Past: January 15, 2016
-  NRC FR Notice on Upton Mill site hearing process
See:  Federal Register / Vol. 80, No. 220 / Monday, November 16, 2015 / Notices, page 70846

SUMMARYThe U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has received an
application from Rare Element Resources, Inc., for a license to possess
and use source material associated with its Bear Lodge Project. The Bear Lodge
Project includes a mine in the Black Hills National Forest in Crook County,
Wyoming for the purpose of extracting rare earth element ores, and a rare earth
element processing plant in Weston County, Wyoming. In addition, the
license application contains sensitive unclassified non-safeguards information (SUNSI).

DATESA request for a hearing or petition for leave to intervene must have been filed by January 15, 2016.
 Defenders of the Black Hills has requested a hearing.  This review & licensing process is suspended at request of Company.
for info. on that process;

Federal Rulemaking Web site: Go to and search
for Docket ID NRC–2015–0255. Address questions about NRC dockets to Carol
Gallagher; telephone: 301–415–3463;

"Kalman, Kenneth" <>   301-415-6664
Report of NRC on pre-application visit;
Rare Earth Mine Review Processes Suspended

Proposed Rare Earth Open Pit Mine 
North of Sundance, Wyoming

The Forest Service had completed the
Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Bear Lodge Project. 

The Company (Rare Element Resources) has given notice it temporarily suspends all further activities on the Bear Lodge Project, which includes all permitting and licensing efforts, including the DEIS process.
There was going to have been a 45-day comment period  beginning January 15th and ending on February 29, 2016
– however the Forest Service has suspended the DEIS process and removed DEIS from web site availability:

Alternative H had been identified as the preferred alternative.
The DEIS was viewed (but is now deleted, except appendices and maps)
on the Black Hills National Forest website at

Public open houses hosted by the Forest Service were not  be held.
The 2  open house meetings  were suspended at request of  Rare Element Resources Inc. due to the company's decision to temporarily suspend the project. 

 ,Check with Forest Service  BHNF - Bear Lodge District for updates -Jeanette Timm 307–283–1361
jmtimm (at)

Discussion of issue as declared during scoping:

Rare Element Resources proposes to create a 232-acre open pit mine at Bull Hill on Forest Service (FS) land 6 air miles north of Sundance, Wyoming.  Ore will be crushed and concentrated at a facility on FS land.  A Hydromet Plant (chemical processing for crushed & concentrated rare earth mineral ore) is proposed to be at Upton, Wyoming, on private land next to the railroad.  Some existing roads will be closed, some upgraded, and some new roads built.  Mineral exploration will continue for 43 years. 

As the mine will be on FS land, an Environmental Impact Statement must be written.  The Forest Service has released the Draft EIS, you may read it and comment on it. The FS must respond to your questions and comments in writing in the Final EIS. 

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has been reviewing an mining permit application for mine, that they received June 3rd, 2015. DEQ must give a first round response from their technical review that was due out Oct 31st. Usually a few rounds of back and forth between agency and applicant occur before application is deemed technically adequate. When permit application deemed complete and ready for approval, public comment period will start, it will be a 60 days for public commentingRER has requested temporary halt on their permit application process so
 DEQ review is also suspended at request of  Rare Element Resources. 
Other permits with Wyoming DEQ may be applied for by Company later.
Contact - BJ Kristiansen, 307-675-5615, for updates, bj.kristiansen (at)

MCTRG By-Pass Road Campaign
The by-pass road  from I-90 to near the intersection of highways 34/79 - near Buffalo Chip
(Fort Meade Way) 
is currently being built. Efforts to oppose the road failed.
Citizens group Meade County Taxpayers  circulated and submitted an initiative to stop the Sturgis bypass road.
Through their attorneys, an Alternative Writ of Mandamus was filed to ask the superior court judge to order the subordinate Meade County Commission to fulfill their official duties and either enact the proposed ordinance without delay or appear in court (through outside counsel) to defend themselves and their inaction.  The Judge ruled in favor of County, saying petition not properly drafted -- it was broad in scope and due to broadness and reach, would have effected some Meade County land use authority - and to properly effect such authority, the initiative would have needed to be done via a different process.
 This road, if built, would increase the development pressure on Bear Butte State Park and National Wildlife Refuge.  Bear Butte is a very sacred place for many Native American tribes.  
PHAS has opposed this proposed by-pass road for a very long time - we believe creation of this road will have adverse impacts to the Park and NWR and Bear Butte and believe  opposition to this is road is environmental issue for western SD.
We had endorsed this initiated measure of MCTRG 
 Visit link below to stay up-to-date on this campaign and to connect with MCTRG by Facebook.

 Meade County Commission (MCC) Meeting

Approval of Full Throttle Saloon Subdivision Plat
Went to the full County Commission on May 25th for approval of  final plat, which was approved, which will let Original Spoke/Broken Spoke, subdivide Broken Spoke campground into 2 pieces, where we think Full Throttle will buy at least one piece and buy or lease
the other part.  An environmental issue identified during our research into this issue, is that DENR enforcement of it's regulations on land application of septage (sewage) needs some improvement, as does the frequency of their monitoring of
 water quality of creeks in the Bear Butte area.

Approval of preliminary plat (to subdivide Broken Spoke Campground),  was approved on May 11th, by the Meade County Commission & final plat approved by Planning Commission May 16th and the County Commission on May 25th .

Photo of dirt work, ongoing at Broken Spoke Camp ground, south of main entrance

2010 Aerial view of Broken Spoke Campground

Meade County's various meeting agendas are posted at this web page (scroll down) , generally at least 24 hours in advance and materials that have been given to Commission about any item, can be downloaded by clicking on that agenda item, (Michael Ballard - Full Throttle Saloon Subdivision) then all the PDF files about the issue, show up on the screen for you to chose from.
You can go back and look at the minutes/agendas for Planning Commission meeting on April 18th, and the County Commisson meeting on May 11th and  May 16th Planning Commission.

   On April 18th Meade Planning Commission approved a preliminary ~ 50 acres plat which,
Original Spoke (current owner of Jay Allen's old camp ground) requested plat so as to break up the large 600 acre Broken Spoke camp ground in to 2 pieces. (Full Throttle Saloon Subdivision). They intend to sell property to Full Throttle, who will move up to Broken Spoke. The Preliminary Plat is approved, the next step is approval of the final plat

Rules about such are in state law

and County's subdivision ordinance  - Ordinance # 20.

Law about state agencies consulting with tribes

For info:
brich (at), jwilliams (at)
(For info: Equalization/Planning office - 605.347.3818, Bill and Jennifer)

MCC address, 1300 Sherman Street, Suite 212, Sturgis, SD 57785 - send e-mail for MCC to  their staff:
Jerry Derr <jderr (at)>
One could express concern about proximity to Bear Butte. One could also express concern over safety of traffic at access point off the highway, how sewage waste will be disposed and need of more details on development plans for plat/subdivision.
You can look at SDCL  11-3-12.1,  11-3-12/2. 11-3-8.1, 11-3-8.2 or pages 11- 17 of the Subdivision ordinance for required information.
Compare to what has been submitted by looking at the Agenda of the May 11th meeting,- Meade County posts the submissions on an agenda item  on their web site.
  For More info contact Nancy - 605-787-6779

Article in Native Sun News

Article in RCJ

Full Throttle Video



Links to Web sites that display/link to their documents or hearing notices continuously

SD Game Fish and Park's Commission meets the first Thursday and Friday of most months.
The hearings to finalize (approve) any proposed rule changes submitted by staff
 are heard the month after they are on the Commission schedule as "propose".
The Commission normally has the hearing at 2 pm on Thursday and normally allows comments on any subject briefly between 1 and 2 pm.
By SD statute the deadline for written comments on any rule making, is the close of the hearing
but GFP will offer suggested deadlines in advance of the meeting to allow Commission and staff to read comments in advance. 

To sign up to get announcements of events from GFP  online at:

SD Department of Environment & Natural Resources oversees Clean Air & Water issues in SD & Permits facilities that pollute:
 Click on the  following link to view all DENR activities undergoing public notice in South Dakota - this provides information on comment deadlines & links to public notices:
Visit this link to see projects the BHNF is working on

2. 2015 items - Deadlines & Events old , this has events, that recycle each year (will occur again next year)
3. 2014 & 2015  items - Recently expired comment periods with link to public documents

Even Older - Below items are from the 2014 SD legislative session 
#2. - #4 various out of date & obsolete legislative 2014 alerts
(in Feb Blog Archives )
5. Links to Environmental Bill Tracking Services on the Internet (SD 2014 Legislature)
(In January  Blog Archives)
6. How to Contact SD Legislature 2014
(In January Blog Archives)
7. SD Legislative Cracker Barrels and Legislative Coffees 2014,

 (In January  Blog Archives )
8. Grey Wolf Delisting Comment Opportunity 
9. Christmas Bird Count List 2013-14
10 Mt Lion, SDGFP Commission meet
11 BlackBacked Wood Pecker Meeting
12, Missouri River Ponca Bluffs  Meeting
13. BLM Management Plan Revision